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OKUI Driving School offers a wide range of services. It is ultimately the goal of the company to offer a one-stop facility for all driver needs, including the translation of your own country's driver's license to Japanese Driver's License and even providing lessons for individuals who needs to start from zero in order to obtain a Japanese Driver's License. In this way the company could offer greater perceived value for the customer that he or she could use for their entire driving career.

We focus on excellent customer service which makes OKUI Driving School on top of the other Driving Schools in Japan. We maintain good professional relationships to our customers .

OKUI Driving School

365-0022 Saitamaken

Kounosu shi Gouji 432-1

Registration and Study Office


365-0022 埼玉県 

鴻巣市郷地 432-1

OKUI Driving School

331-0074 Saitamaken

Saitama shi Nishiku Horai 84

Driving Practice Course


331-0074 埼玉県 

さいたま市西区 宝来 84